manchester Industrial Marketing and Purchasing Group

Established in January 2007, the aim of the manchester Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (mIMP) Research Group is to provide an integrative research platform for excellence in the area of business-to-business marketing and inter-organisational strategy. As such, we are a leading research group within the worldwide IMP community ( The manchester IMP RG involves leading scholars, researchers, companies and practitioners and collaborates closely with other teams, working in the area. The members are involved in debate and the development of applied tools and techniques to improve inter-organisational exchange. For this purpose, we have also established the Network Forum. We provide tailor-made executive development courses such as the Network Challenge.

For an outline of our understanding of business-to-business marketing, please see About. You can also find a more detailed description of our Research.

You can follow up our activities in this website and if you're interested in being involved in our research group as a scholar, participant company, or sponsor, or if you would like to have further information on the activities of the manchester IMP RG, please do not hesitate to Contact us