Decision and Cognitive Sciences Research Centre (DCS)

The Decision and Cognitive Science Research Centre has become a world leading centre of research excellence in the areas of Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and Decision Support Systems (DSS).

With one of the largest groupings of leading researchers in MCDA and DSS its members have made significant contributions to advances in these areas, and in 2008 the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) named DSRC members among the top 40 most prolific researchers worldwide in this area.

Aim and objectives

The aim of DCS is to promote fundamental and cross-disciplinary research within decision sciences, cognitive sciences and related areas and to apply and evaluate its research findings on real world decision problems in all sectors.

The primary objectives of DCS are proposed to achieve the above aim in a measured manner, summarised as follows:

  • To encourage and coordinate applied research in the Alliance MBS priority areas including strategic decision making, financial decision making, and evaluation of performance, sustainability, innovation, etc
  • To organise and promote theoretical, methodological, empirical and applied research in the following areas such as evidential reasoning decision analysis, risk analysis, performance optimisation, and knowledge-driven decision support systems, computational and mathematical models of human behaviour and behavioural decision-making. More...

Knowledge Transfer 

For organisations seeking to engage with The Decision and Cognitive Science Research Centre through knowledge transfer collaborative projects, view our Alliance MBS Decision Solutions page.