Current and recently complete projects

Duration of award- start-finish date (or application submission date)

Awarding body, amount and R-code

Project title

PI and co-applicants


US AFOSR, US$58,652

Exploring theory of evidential reasoning under uncertainty

Jian-Bo Yang

09/2012 -08/2016

EU, €71,400, R115346

Research network on flexible risk assessment and decision science

Jian-Bo Yang (PI) and Dong-Ling Xu


NSFC, ¥2,500,000 ≈ £250,000

Resource collaborative optimisation and organisation management theory and methods of Internet of things

Jian-Bo Yang (CI) and Xinbao Liu (PI)


NSFC, ¥190,000 ≈ £19,000

Cold Chain enterprise resource scheduling and optimisation

Dong-Ling Xu (CI) and Ying Ma (PI)

05/2015 (submission time)

EU, €344,925


Jian-Bo Yang (PI) and Dong-Ling Xu


Quantitative Biology Award

Energy tunneling: Improved search methods for protein structure prediction

Simon Lovell, Joshua Knowles, Julia Handl


EPSRC First Grant, 124,989.75

Matheuristics for multi-criterion data clustering: towards multi-criterion big data analytics

Julia Handl


Alliance Research Fund, £152,045

Combining the strengths of process- and variable-based approaches in the analysis of the dynamics of regional industrial systems – a predictive analytics approach

Frank Boons, Julia Handl


MRC, £160K

PROTECT PRIVATE: Insights on problem drug user offending

Tim Millar (FHMS, PI), John Keane (CI) et al.


EPSRC, £430K

SAMS – Software Architecture for Mental Health Self-Management

John Keane (PI), Alistair Burns (FHMS, CI), Ira Leroi (FHMS, CI)


EU, £220K

High Performance Computing for Finance

John Keane (PI), Xiao-jun Zeng (CI)

Ser-Huang Poon (Alliance MBS, original PI)


National Institute for Health Research, £38K

Occupational Therapy Interventions for children with Central System Tumours

John Keane (JointPI), Goran Nenadić (SCS, JointPI)


National Institute for Health Research £970K

Improving the Diagnosis, Assessment and Outcome in Patients with Hydrocephalus and Raised Intracranial Pressure

Stavros Stivaros (FMHS, PI), John Keane (CI) et al.


MRC, £104,571

Generating and using "big data" to identify hearing aid patterns of usage.

John Keane (JointPI)_, Michael Stone (FMHS, JointPI)

2015 – 2019

EU, €546K

Big Data Finance

John Keane (PI), Xiao-jun Zeng (CI)


EPSRC Programme Grant, £1,435,718

Value Added Data Systems: Principles and Architecture

Norman Paton (PI), Alvaro Fernandes (SCS, CI), John Keane (CI)


EPSRC IAA £40K,              with Wadaro Limited

Real-Time Big Data Analytics for Performance Analysis and Prediction of Mobile Networks

Xiao-jun Zeng (PI), John Keane (CI)