Research themes

Whilst it is neither possible nor desirable to be exclusive about specific research themes, ten initial research themes have been identified, each with a dedicated theme leader(s). The research themes will form distinctive yet inter-linked and synergistic focus points for organising, promoting and conducting research to achieve the DCS objectives. The theme leaders will be proactive and take leadership in developing and coordinating research in their theme areas. They will be a first point of contact for research collaboration and project development in their areas of interest. The ten research themes and theme leaders are listed in the following table.

Theme Title

Theme Leaders

Evidential Reasoning Decision Analysis and Risk Analysis, and Performance Optimisation

Jian-Bo Yang

Computational Models of Behaviour

Andrew Howes

Data and Text Analytics

John Keane

Web-based Decision Modelling and Group Decision Support Systems

Dong-Ling Xu & Weigang Wang

Public Participation and Societal Risk Management

Simon French

Intelligent Decision Support Systems

Ludmil Mikhailov & Dong-Ling Xu

Strategic Decision Making

Paul Jackson

Social and Interactive Behaviour

Oscar de Bruijn & Andrew Howes

Financial Decision Making

Ser-Huang Poon

Evaluation of Performance, Sustainability and Innovation

Jian-Bo Yang, David Bamford and Andrew McMeekin

The DCS management team consists of the Directors and Coordinators who are in charge of the day to day running of DCS. The management team and the theme leaders form the DCS management committee, which meets to set the policies and directions for DCS. The theme leaders are responsible for organising project meetings to initiate new research projects and manage existing research projects as appropriate.