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Innovations - new products, services and ways of making or doing things - are fundamental to business success and to economic growth and development. Manchester is one of the founding centres for the study of science, technology and innovation. The Manchester Institute of Innovation Research (MIoIR) builds on a forty year old tradition of study in the area. More...

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Manchester has been rated number one in a world survey of publications in the field of innovation research. MIoIR staff teach, publish and advise on all aspects of innovation research. Their research explores issues around public policy for science, technology and innovation, innovation studies, technology and innovation management, foresight and sustainability. More...

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We are a leading destination for postgraduate and post-experience teaching in the areas of innovation studies, technology management and technology and innovation policy. Our doctoral programme and dedicated Masters degree in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship attract students from all over the world.

Latest publications

Latest Books

Loveridge, D. and Cox, D. (2013) Innovation for Development: Knowledge and Research Application to Address International Development Goals A Toolkit. The University of Manchester, UK: ISBN: 978-0-946007-31-8

Shove, E. and Spurling, N. (Eds) (2013) Sustainable Practices: Social theory and climate change, London: Routledge. 

Aylen, J., Ruggero R. (2012) Ribbon Of Fire: How Europe Adopted and Developed US Strip Mill Technology (1920-2000). Bologna: Pendragon. ISBN-10: 8865982381; ISBN-13: 9788865982389.

Latest Book Chapters

Uyarra, E.Edler, J.Gee, S.Georghiou, L.Yeow, J. (2013) Public procurement for innovation: the UK case. In: V. Lember,  T. Kalvet, R. Kattel (eds.) Public procurement policy for innovation: International perspectives, Springer

Paskaleva, K. (2013) The Smart City: A Nexus for open innovation? In: M. Deakin (ed.) Smart Cities: Governing, modelling and analysing the transition, London and New York: Routledge.

Paskaleva, K. (2013) E-governance as enabler of the smart city. In: M. Deakin (ed.) Smart Cities: Governing, modelling and analysing the transition, London and New York: Routledge.

Latest Reports

James, A. (2013) Emerging technologies and military capability, Policy Brief, S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Zaichen Lu, Katherine Booth, Matt Edwards, Rafael Popper, Alan Boyd, Barbara JonesIan Miles, Monika Popper, Guillermo Velasco (2013) The technology horizon: Preliminary review on technologies impacting the future health and social care workforce

Edler, J.Cunningham, P.Gök, A., and Shapira, P. (2013) Impacts of Innovation Policy: Synthesis and Conclusions. Report Nr. 19 within the MIoIR-NESTA Compendium of Evidence on Innovation Policy,  London/Manchester,

Cunningham, P.Edler, J.Flanagan, K., and Laredo, P. (2013) Innovation policy mix and instrument interaction. A Review. Report Nr. 20 within the MIoIR-NESTA Compendium of Evidence on Innovation Policy,  London/Manchester.

Latest Journal Articles

Dendler, L. (2014) Sustainability Meta Labelling: an effective measure to facilitate more sustainable consumption and production? The Journal of Cleaner Production, 63, 74-83

Geels, F.W. (2013) Reconceptualising the co-evolution of firms-in-industries and their environments: Developing an inter-disciplinary Triple Embeddedness Framework. Research Policy, corrected proofs online.

Turnheim, B., Geels, F.W. (2013) The destabilisation of existing regimes: Confronting a multi-dimensional framework with a case study of the British coal industry (1913-1967). Research Policy, corrected proofs online.

Latest Working Papers

Foster, C., Gee, S. (2013) Playing for high steaks: market structure and purchaser-led sustainability initiatives in the UK beef sector. Manchester Institute of Innovation Research Working Paper no.75

Fursov, K., Miles, I. (2013) Framing Emerging Nanotechnologies: Sketches To Forward-Looking Analysis Of Skills. Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Basic Research Program Working Papers Series: Science, Technology and Innovation. WP BRP 15/STI/2013

De Jong, S., Barker, K., Cox, D., Sveinsdottir, T., Van den Besselaar, P. (2013) Understanding societal impact through studying productive interactions. Rathenau Instituut, The Netherlands.  Working Paper 1304